Anthropology 240

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ANTH 240 flaked stone lab key W2019

Learning Archaeological Theory

Balme, Jane and Alistair Paterson, editors  (2006) Archaeology in Practice; A student Guide to Archaeological  Analyses. Blackwell Press, Oxford.

The  Mysteries of Catalhuyuk website is a great example of interactive engagement with the public to both teach and share the outcomes of this multi-year project.

Catalhoyuk is often mentioned in the context of theory building.  Ian Hodder has been working there since 1993, and his approach is a great example of applied post-processual theory.  The project website is quite interesting; as mentioned in Death by theory, the project database is online, along with reports and other materials that aim to engage the public and be transparent.  There is also an archived dialogue between Ian Hodder and Anita Louise, a member of the Goddess community.  This is relevant to the book Death by Theory, but also highlights the comfort with multiple perspectives, and how a site like Catalhoyuk can have different meanings for different people.  Hodder has been very respectful and embraced this.

Want to think a bit more about new directions for archaeology in a post-processual theoretical world?  Here are some interesting short videos by Ruth Tringham (who helped bring Catalhoyuk to Second Life) that discuss feminist archaeology and teaching, and many other topics that show the application of these theoretical perspectives in new and creative ways.

The BBC’s “Hunt the Ancestor” game is an interesting way to think about the decisions that are made in locating and evaluating archaeological sites on a budget.  What can YOU learn with about $12,000?

Archaeology and Technology

Here is a link to Millennia Research’s website, a local consultant company.  Their blog has some incredible 3D animated images from a fairly recent project in Prince Rupert..  This is also an interesting place to learn about a local consultant archaeology company, in my option one of the best ones around!

Here is some information about how LANDSAT works and its applications, brought to you by NASA.  A general chapter about remote sensing systems also gives general overview to many brand new and immerging technologies.

Middle Range Theory

  • Students might be interested in a recent local experimental archaeology project that was good enough to catch the eye of Quentin Mackie at UVIC.  He summarizes the project on his blog about Northwest Coast archaeology.  Christine Stathers certainly sets the bar high for a second year project!  Our projects this year are much more focused, but you might find this inspiring.
  • University College London’s Institute of Archaeology’s Experimental Archaeology Retreat

Historic archaeology

Background on the recent project to search for the lost Franklin Expedition ships:

Woodworking on the Northwest coast

I have collected some visuals and written descriptions from Hilary Stewart and the Handbook of North American Indians and have scanned them for you.  Other resources that I have found include the following.  There is useful information about perishable materials like yew wood wedges and handles, and some nice graphics as well: