Anthropology 110

Please note that this web page has not been updated since 2014 as I no longer teach this course.

Online readings and resources:

Useful resources for assignments and readings:

Other readings discussed in class or that I think might be of interest:

LeRoy McDermott’s article  Self-Representation in Upper Paleolithic Female Figurines (from Current Anthropology 1996) as discussed in class

Post Partum Practices and Depression Prevalences: Technocentric and Ethnokinship Cultural Perspectives by Posmontier and Horowitz 2004, published in the Journal of Transcultural Nursing.  This articles provides a good overview of the discussions surrounding cultural factors in post partum depression (amongst other things).

Here is a new, ongoing blog that may be of interest.  Journalist Amy Klein, who writes for the New York Times (amonst other things) is chronicling her personal infertility, ART experience ina  weekly blog.  She is funny, and raises many points that are pertinent to discussions in our class.

India’s surrogacy economy is booming, as we discussed in class.  This doesnt mean that there is no discussion of regulations and legislation.  Here is a short news article from NBC (Sept. 30, 2013) that is a nice compliment to what we were talking about in class.

This personal description of the decisions around genetic screening in North America is an interesting and powerful piece to add to the overall discussion of Down syndrome.

Law of Desire: Temporary Marriage in Shi’i Iran is a comprehensive consideration of muta (temporary marriage) in Iran.  I have linked to Google Books, where you can find most of this resource.  Page 60 offers a useful table that compares permanent and temporary marriage.

The Deeply Rooted Parallels Between Female Genital Mutilation and Breast Implantation by Marianne Mollmann, essay published in the Huffington Post January 17, 2012

BBC News presents 5 photographs that have sparked recent discussions about body image.  Take a look and see what you think!

(Not used for the F2014 semester) Thesis Statements for the Cultural Relativism paper.    Please choose one from this list; it will direct your paper.  Remember that you are applying cultural relativism here, so you need to produce a balanced paper; we will discuss this more in class.  I am asking you to write your paper as an argument brief; think of it like a legal brief, that a lawyer would deliver in court to convince the jury.  Here is an outline of how to structure an argument brief.