Anthropology 104



Anth 104 food and identity tutorial

Anth 104 study guide assignment sheet

Resources for tutorial  2 about marriage  (you will only be assigned to read one of these, and will write the summary on this one resource)

Summarizing an article or a video

Here is the link to the documentary Rising Voices, the film that you will be completing the film response sheet for. Please download the Word document linked below, complete it, then print it out and hand it in.

ANTH-104-film-response-assignment sheet

Additional resources of interest (updated on an ongoing basis):


An overview of 50 years of chimpanzee research at Gombe (led by Jane Goodall)

Want to learn more about orangutans ?  Here is a concise summary that will be useful.

Orangutan International’s “Orangutan of the Month” .  You can get a sense of what life is like as an orphan being cared for in the care centre in Borneo.


Culture and subsistence:

Ethics and the use of anthropologists in the military:

Here are a few links for those interested in learning more about anthropologists in the military:

Human evolution:
  • National Geographic’s Human Evolution 101 is a concise summary that helps make sense of the September 2015 announcement of Homo naledi.
  • Smithsonian Museum of Natural History’s What Does it Mean to be Human? website is a GREAT aggregated resource for information about current research, interactive activities about different fossil species, etc….  This might be a useful way to review the material that we cover in class (although the website is MUCH more comprehensive than what we can cover in class).
  • Here is a great little video that compares chimpanzees, humans, and Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) to evaluate the evolutionary mosaic of Lucy’s skeleton. It’s short and sweet, so helpful!


  • Afghan girls who are raised as boys BBC news story…  This would make a very interesting paper topic, and there are similar examples in other cultures (for example, the Sworn Virgins of Albania)
  • Hip Hop: Beyond the Beats and Rhymes full length movie on YouTube.  This movie considers the construction of hypermasculinity in American inner city hip hop culture.


Race and Racism materials:

Archived materials (not bring in the W2019 term)

Assignment sheet for the socio-linguistics assignment

First Voices Project website (please look at a few indigenous Canadian languages of interest, some have more material than others (there is a lot of great work being done with BC languages that appears here)

Living and Working in a War Zone: An Applied Anthropologist in Afghanistan by Patricia Omidian  (Starts on page 4)

Writing a summary

Resources for group discussion about primates (you will only read one of these, based on which group you have been assigned to)

Mysteries of Catalhoyuk archaeology assignment

Video response assignment

Camosun Native Plant Garden Plant List (you will be choosing one plant from this list)

100 Mile Diet Challenge

100 mile challenge assignment sheet (a bit more info for this assignment than you have in your course outline)

Cultural Diversity Assignment

UNESCO lists of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Description of the cultural diversity essay assignment.  This iceberg image below is also very useful to help you think about culture.

As part of the assignment, refer to the iceberg model here and think about how each of the three examples that you choose from the list, which are expressions of culture that are easy to see (tip of the iceberg) represent elements of culture that are more difficult to see.

Here is a full description of the participant observation assignment

Some resources that might be useful if you choose to do your participant observation  paper about the pit cook

  • Restoring Camas culture to Lekwungen and Victoria: An Interview with Cheryl Bryce
  • Gerald Taiaiake Alfred ‘s talk about Indigenous resurgence and Traditional ways of being, interesting in many ways but in particular in terms of the Camosun pit cook as an act of indigenous sovereignty.  He is a professor in the Indigenous Governance Program at UVIC, and a very engaging and intelligent individual.  He will undoubtedly give you something to think about!
  • indigenous food sovereignty  position paper by Food Secure Canada.