Refugees in the Mediterranean, a crisis in numbers and basic humanity

This past spring when I was working in southern Italy I set a young Nigerian refugee who we had hired to help with odd jobs at the farm where our culinary workshop participants were staying.  One evening Sunday told me his story of coming across the Mediterranean in a small boat with 150 other migrants, how the boat was taking on water when the Italian coast guard found them, how they were airlifted to safety.  At least one of his brothers had not been so fortunate on another boat the summer before; migrants board these boats knowing the risks, but get on anyway because they are desperate and the risk of drowning is better than the alternatives.  The first hand account made quite an impact on me; we can read about this crisis in the media but not grasp its scope and horror.  National Geographic has just posted a short video that provides visuals of this crisis-I suggest you watch it.  Then check out some of the statistics from the last year to get a more in depth understanding.  How can we get involved?!