It was just a matter of time….

I’m not the kind of person to say “I told you so”…..  but CHECK THIS OUT!!  Just this winter in ANTH 240 we were talking about the historic archaeology of the ill fated Franklin Expedition and I said : “Keep your ears open, there may be exciting finds this field season”, which is generally at the end of August and start of September.  On September 3 the research vessel the Martin Bergmann found a sunken wooden ship, sitting in 24m of frigid Arctic sea water.  It looks like it is in great shape, despite having sunk well over 150 years ago.  confirmation is still required, but it appears to be the HMS Terror, the second of Franklin’s ships (the other ship, the HMS Erebus, was found two years ago).  Check out the video footage from the ship, listen to the crew describe different parts of the vessel, and Inuit crew member Sammy Kogvik, whose sighting of a piece of wood sticking out of the ice in this location about 6 years ago led the boat to the find.  I find it interesting that Parks Canada, who has been very involved in this project for years, highlights the contributions of Inuit oral tradition in locating both boats, something that has been marginalized and minimized for decades and deserves much more recognition.  More information to follow in the coming weeks I’m sure!