Follow up about orangutans

Thank you to everyone who sent me emails with comments, questions, and resources about orangutans after Friday’s class!   As promised, I am passing resources along to everyone, this is a good platform for continuing these interesting and important conversations!

1. Birute Galdikas’s Orangutan Foundation International’s website.  this charity scores 92% on the Charity Navigator website in terms of accountability.

2. The movie Green is a silent movie following one orangutan’s journey.  It is violent in places, and hard to watch, especially when you think about the source of demand for palm oil.  Oreo cookies, anyone?

3.  Another resource sent my way is The Orangutan Project website where donors can adopt an orangutan.  I have not looked in to the specifics of this organization to know things like the percentage of money that gets where it is most needed (always important to do a bit of homework!!) but their website has a good set of resources about palm oil.

And finally, Jane Goodall is coming March 19, 2016 to the McPherson Playhouse.  Tickets start at $50 and seem to be going quickly, even though they just went on sale on Sept. 14.