Listed below are some YouTube videos I’ve created to help my students learn about psychology.



The Neuropsychology of Frankenstein

Learning functional neuroanatomy has never been more fun! In this 15 minute animated video, Mary Shelley’s story of Frankenstein is combined with various mnemonic techniques to help teach the names & functions of different brain structures.
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The 6 Blind Men & the Elephant of the Mind

This 30 minute video provides an overview of the history of psychology and uses the ancient story of “the 6 Blind Men & the Elephant” to explain the major perspectives of psychology.
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Alien Methods to Study the Brain

This 8 minute video uses an analogy of alien visitors trying to figure out the mechanisms of automobiles in order to help explain the ways that the different divisions of biopsychology attempt to understand the biological mechanisms of the mind (i.e., nature’s technology).
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