Listed below are some nerdy neuroscience (“neurdoscience”?) jokes I’ve created for your intellectual pleasure.


Question: How do neurons produce consciousness?
Answer: They “make up” your mind.


Question: How do depressant drugs (e.g., alcohol, barbiturates, & benzodiazepines) reduce anxiety?
Answer: They decrease the activity of your “nervous” system.


Question: Why did the neuron fire?
Answer: It gave in to its nervous “impulse”.


Question: Why did the neuron get fired from its work?
Answer: It was charged with “a salt and battery”.
Explanation [I know… it’s not funny if you have to explain it]: Neurons act like batteries, storing and firing electrical charges, by working to change levels of ions like Na+ and Cl- (i.e., salt) within themselves.


Question: How are chromosomes like pants?
Answer: They’re made up of “jeans” and come in pairs which you have to undo for sex.