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Click on the link below student names to view research publications they’ve completed under my supervision.


Meghan LeBlanc

Shanaya Carter Zoe Bilton  
What Influences the Human Desire to Achieve Perfectionism?



Emma Rennie Abby Rothwell
What Biological Mechanisms Involved with Physical Activity Determine the Reduction of Stress and Anxiety?


Marcos Blanco Guillen Talia Doll
What Are the Biological Mechanisms of Dream Abnormalities?


Giulia Johann

Harmanpreet Bindra Joao Sales Sarah Delaney

What Are the Biological Effects Behind the Impact of Social Isolation?


Forest Moon-MacSkimming

Jennifer Cunningham Isabela Mayo Ally Crowe

What are Effective Self-Care Strategies?


Michelle Joy Carganilla

How Gratitude Improves the Biological Health and Well-Being of Students

Kyle Kubisheski

Fillette Umulisa Darcy McDermott  
The Effects of Cannabinoids on the Physical Body



Tejpreet Mand Chelsea Mappin
What Is the Biological Mechanism of Chronic Anxiety?


Chloe Nursey

Devon Heathcote Kennedy Brewer  
What Is the Biological Cause of Dreams?



Taelyn Munro Tom Heywood
What Impacts People’s Perceptions & Judgement Regarding the Balance of Punishment & Rehabilitation in Criminal Justice System


Jared Robertson Ingrid Ringdahl
What Factors Make Us Dream?


Noah Juniper

Jonah Talbot Gavinjit Bassi  
What Determines an Individual’s Interests and Motivation?



Bruna Hutchinson

What Consequences Result from a Lack of Sleep?

Nicole Lapadat

What Causes Lucid Dreams and How Can I Control Them?

Katrine Pirie

Olivia Westwood Jillian Yendrys  
What Causes an Emotional Response?



Jaycee Constantine

What Are the Biopsychological Mechanisms of Human Sexuality?

Morgan Doll

How to Enhance Your Memory

Halle Whitfield

How Meditation Positively Affects the Brain

Bronwyn MacLeod

Isaac Kool

How Does Social Isolation Affect Our Sex Lives?

Dike Gu      
How Can You Gain Better Emotional Control?
Victoria Merrick Elena Muratova Kathryn Rebalkin Anjandeep Kaur
The Effects of Anxiety on the Brain and Body

Danny Badke

Pamir Karpuzcu

How to minimize procrastination


Kate Johnson

Jayda Duthie Gabriel Mara  

Does the method of consuming caffeine influence its effects?


An Ton

Devyansh Amanpreet Kaur Gurleen Kaur

The effect of sleep on memory

Liliana Wright      
 The effect of alcohol consumption on academic performance 


Emma Frutiger

The effects of self-esteem and anxiety on indecisiveness

Miranda Kohuch

The effect of fear on brain activity

Kara Solecki

The effect of CBD ingestion on anxiety

The effect of memory encoding on neural activity

Kylie Ransome

Improving the practicality of the Method of Loci (MoL)

Lane Chevrier

EEG lab manual